Insider Tips

At MBC, our Brokers and Advisors are always available to help answer your questions. For those interested in doing research on their own, we've provided some useful information in this section of our site.

Preventing Auto Theft

Taking precautionary measures can minimize your chances of becoming the victim of auto theft. Below are tips you can use to avoid being the victim of a car thief:

  • Never leave your car running unattended, even to dash into a business, store, etc.
  • Always roll up your windows and lock the car, even if it is parked in front of your home.
  • Never leave valuables, identification documents, vehicle ownership title, or credit cards in your vehicle in plain view, even if your car is locked.
  • Always park in high-traffic, well-lighted areas, when possible.
  • Install a mechanical device that locks the steering wheel, column, or brakes. These devices will deter some criminals.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, report it to the police immediately and then follow up with your insurance broker.
Preventing Home Theft

You want to make your home safe and secure and the best way to do is take some precautionary measures:

  • Be alert – watch out for suspicious people in and around your house or your neighborhood.
  • Install adequate lighting in and around your garage and your porch.
  • Keep your garage doors locked at all times. If possible, use an electric garage door opener.
  • Install dead bolts on all outside doors. For sliding doors or windows, be sure to put dowels in the tracks.
  • If you are going on vacation make your home appear inhabited.
  • Install a home security system and/or alarms.
Business Crime Prevention
  • Clamp or lock personal computers and laptops to desks/work stations.
  • Maintain records of serial numbers for all of your computer equipment.
  • Secure cash, cheques and other company valuables in a safe at all times.
  • Ensure that all exterior doors have deadbolt locks.
  • Secure exposed exterior door hinge pins to prevent their removal.
  • Protect all windows through the use of bars, metal screens or burglary resistant glazing materials.
  • Install a burglar alarm system which is monitored offsite.
Protecting Against Business Interruption
  • Develop a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan to be used in the event of an unplanned incident that severly impacts business operations.
  • Duplicate all business records and store them off-site; in the event that your premises are damaged or cannot be accessed, you will have documents to substantiate any business interruption loss.
  • Create emergency contact lists for your suppliers, contractors and employees – updated on an annual basis and kept off-site.